I just revisited the 1998 motion picture “Liar Liar” starring Jim Carrey. After watching the GOP debates the theme of the picture smashes you in the mouth. In it Jim is a lawyer whose entire life is built on lying but when his 5 year son’s birthday wish is that his daddy cannot tell lies for 24 hours all hell breaks loose for Jim!

It reminded me that we live in a World society built almost entirely on lies.

Everything we say and do is connected with fudging the truth. We do it to protect ourselves and our loved one’s from unseen dangers that we perceive will hurt us or them. These we probably call “little white lies!” But are they?.. and when we start-up with them we mostly have to continue along a path of no return …adding to the lies with others.

And so we come to our political scene where the truth is at the moment extremely hard to come by in our media. We don’t really know, on a daily basis, what we hear is anything near the truth.

There are some open truths that the arrogance of the GOP leadership has never lied about. They will bring down the American economy and ans the health and stability of the entire nation to rid themselves of the dreaded black president.

Obama lied to himself perhaps in thinking in the first years if his presidency that he could deal with these cold-blooded traitors. For that is what they are, they profess to be Americans while damning the 99% of the people who need them most.

This is their lie. They are not Americans ..they are the enemies of America, they seek to destroy their own country so they can get it back and exploit it for their rich masters.

It seemed in Jim Carrey’s hilarious case that telling the truth was damning him to total failure as a lawyer.  He pleaded with his son to let him off the hook but the kid wouldn’t do it.

In the happy ending ,as in most Hollywood scenarios, Jim’s truth-telling caused bizarre  convoluted but correct solutions to his family’s problems.

Right now across this country something being labelled “bizarre” and “unfocused” and “convoluted” is happening as the people begin to wake up to the awful truths of what is being inflicted upon them as they are maligned and put down by the frightened establishment as a rabble of nobodies…

The Occupy Wall Street Movement grows daily into a non-partisan, non political massive protest against the current greed and avarice that is effecting each and everyone one of us in some way.

We are the 99% and that is the truth… the blinding unstoppable truth that transcends the artificial society being foisted upon us by both political parties who are totally controlled by money from the white-collar criminals of Wall Street.

Power to the people has to be the truth or we will sink into a world dominated by even worse lies than the 8 years of the Bush betrayals.


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  1. Excellent, as always CB

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