As the public becomes more and more aware of the REPUBLICAN candidates for President it’s as obvious as the vapid blank stare of Michelle Bachmann’s nuttery that we’re dealing with mostly Millionaires!

The very people who’re ahead in the polls right now are all wealthy people rich beyond even their imaginations.  Herman Cain seems to claim he invented Pizza on his way to his millions…and Mitt Romney just inherited his from a family tree that contained more wives that you could count on two hands….

Gingrich is a wealthy fat cat who can afford charge accounts at Typhany’s and Rick Perry and Ron Paul are millionaires several times over.

Are these the people this country is going to trust with its future?

We were subjected to 8 years of a spoilt rich kid running things for his mentors and his daddy that worked out real well didn’t it!?

And now are we’re heading towards doing the same thing again.

Admittedly John Kennedy was a rich family’s son… but that was somehow different  he had a somewhat moral compass.!

Looking at the GOP hopefuls….we don’t see any kind of moral compass but rather a group of lock step rightist losers with the morals of Wall Street and the scruples of Bank of America.

The people whom the GOP are putting up front and center do not have the best interest of the American people at heart. THEY JUST DO NOT!!

They talk up a populist storm ..but they are about as populist as The Czar of Russia are Marie Antoinette were!

Money corrupts politics and since the Supreme Court opened the flood gates to all the dirty corporate cash in the entire the World the writing has been on the Wall Street.

Clinton balanced the budget by understand the worth of a dollar because he had to earn his way to the cash. He was a quick study and went from his humble beginnings to being a very wealthy guy with a Presidency included along the way.

But even Clinton was in the grips of his big money donors…he just knew how to handle it because he wasn’t always silver spoon fed.

So the dye is cast… and the cast is to die for..REPUBLICAN millionare’s versus the smart black guy.

It could even be the smart half white black guy versus the all white black guy!


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