There once was a Mormon named Mitt,

Who’s Latter Day Saints caused a fit,

When Jeffries’ insult

called him part of a cult

Romney said I don’ give a sh*t!

It appears the super right-wing Christians have found a new messiah… he is Rev Jeffries an evangelical fundamentalist Perry loving end of times nutbag!

We’ve seen a couple of sound bites …but last night… live for your living room entertainment… who should pop up on one of the lowliest Bill Maher shows of the year but the Reverend loony his self!!

Bill seemed bemused by this sharp talking maniac and deferred to his ranting and raving with bad jokes in between. The conversation about the Mormons being a cult didn’t go for the jugular…I wanted Bill to hit on my fave “The Angel Moroni.” But we did get the message both the fanatical “sitting on the right hand of God end of times”take from Jeffries and at the end of the show with Bill’s better take on the Mormons.

Jeffries made one astounding statement at the end of his bit with Bill..When Bill quoted Jesus as being a man of peace , turning the other cheek , loving thy neighbor ect. and asked the batty Rev how he reconciled that with his believe in war and the death penalty…Jeffries said something quoting the Apostle Paul as being on the side of retribution and revenge . which of course the bible is full of. When Bill challenged that as being from a prophet and not from the head guy’s actual Son..Jeffries looked Bill in the eye and with the straight and blissful look of a stoned out religious freak said that Paul was equal to JESUS!..

**EDITOR’S NOTE: As a child and into my early teens I was in the choir of the local protestant church’s in the UK and in Australia…Rather than becoming more devout after Bible studies I began to think of the Bible as a really diabolical book about death , baby killing, plagues, war, sex, sadism, betrayals. Somehow through all this theological thinking however I still had a soft spot in my heart for the man JESUS and still do. To compare Paul as JESUS’ equal pissed me off.

But back the problem all of us should have with Mitt Romney’s Mormonism. Maher described it succinctly and its something we’ve been on about on this blog for nearly a year.

Mormonism  is one gigantic con!!!!  It was conceived in the mind of a 19th century con man named Joseph Smith…just read about this grifter. It’s a total fake cult created by man …not any God..if there is one!

Try reading the book of Mormon I have …it’s so out of control ridiculous it makes Sean Hannity sound effective!

If Mitt Romney believes this foolishness he cannot …repeat cannot… be President of this nation.

If he has been conned by a 19th century Sarah Palin so will be conned by the people who he will gather around his sorry ass if he gets elected.

Do yourself a favor and Google the Book of Mormon and read a few quotes… They say you should not take religion into account when voting…



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