As the Occupy Movement grows and as the corporate media insist on attempting to make it appear like it’s a rag tag bunch of angry kids, the main stream media’s rich masters do not seem to know they’re cruisin’ for a major long-term bruisin’!

We read today that the bankers think the movement is “unsophisticated” and “without purpose!”

It’s this kind of thinkin’ that will eventually do the sinkin’.!

The FRENCH REVOLUTION was not “sophisticated”..in fact they cut off the perfectly wigged heads of the FRENCH “sophisticates”…The Russian Revolution was not “sophisticated” and the Bolsheviks just mowed down the entire “sophisticated” Russian royal family and all their “sophisticated” banker friends!…Gandhi wore a sheet as a fashion statement and nobody ever said Fidel didn’t do a great job of “unsophisticating”Cuba!!

Turning a “sophisticated” blind eye on what is happening world-wide then is surely just plain Ostrich style lunacy.

It isn’t going to happen overnight …but the World has irrevocably changed course and the super rich will eventually have to come to terms with it that’s a given. The more derisive and shrill the criticism the more it will fall on the deaf ears of the revolution.

What’s next?  How exciting not to know what’s next!

How unnerving for the revolution’s adversaries not to know what’s next !

This movement is still in its diapers for God’s sake and already Bill O’Reilly is calling it irrelevant..when actually, as the weeks go on, he will seem as irrelevant as the TEA PARTY already has become with its stupid hats and Hitler mustaches. 

Fox News takes their insignia off their mikes when they try to interview the revolutionaries. They almost ran Geraldo out-of-town on a rail…and the Limbaugh miscalculations will begin to happen as even his “sophisticated” fan base realise they’re a part of it too…

What’s next? ..

Articulate Leaders will appear. Protest songs will be heard. folk music will make a comeback… how about the Dixie Chicks write an anthem?  Major C&W super stars will sing the praises of the movement as music will play an important part. 


A national revolutionary flag will fly.. and the people will continue to march and to occupy.

Countries around the world will unify in the revolution and a giant summit will be held. Governments will fall , corporate dynasties will have to appease the people as the people boycott companies on a limited basis every day.

The movement will hit the oligarchs where it hurts the most..in the pocket book…and when that happens the bullies will become the servants of the people again.

***I saw all this last week when I accidentally took a 40-year-old tab of acid that Timothy Leary gave me as a birthday present in the 70’s.

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