After his surreal performance on “MEET THE PRESS” with an incredulous David Gregory…GOP  momentary front-runner Herman Cain started to remind us that the REPUBLICAN party is Chock Full o’ Nuts!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the political luke warm tea water after experiencing the “bat-shittery”of the BACHMANN bacchanal ..here comes another apostle of the impossible!

Bachmann put her husband/wife front and center..HERMAN on the other hand has hidden his wife from the public eye completely….perhaps she’s in the middle of a sex change..who knows?…that makes about as much sense as his 9 -9-9 tax code!  Herman apparently is right-wing of Attila the Hun and BENNY the Hinn combined.

The Koch Brothers love this guy who is after all a businessman first and businessman second.

When pressed about anything to do with foreign affairs he says he has to “consult experts”… hopefully they will not run the gambit between “experts” like Palin , Trump with some of Miss South Carolina thrown in.

So far HERMAN has raised Cain…But very little Able money…its no spicy meat ball in that department.

…But the clip from the 80’s when he’s dressed in a bed sheet singing a BEATLES SONG might make one think he may be for legalizing a few exotic drugs we might like to take while watching HERMAN as President invading Catalina Island.

If these are the best people the GOP has to throw at a seasoned President who killed the number one and number two terrorists in the World ,rescued the American Car industry and an ungrateful Wall Street while fighting an anti-American Congress full of fake white JESUS FREAKS and corporate lackies..then we could be in good shape.

Of course this country did elect the star of “BEDTIME FOR BONZO”as well as a complete imitation cowboy moron as a commander in chief…so Herman …who does resemble Billy Preston a little when he’s singing a BEATLES song…might just get lucky..which means we won’t !!




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