What’s said at the GOP debate in VEGAS wont stay in VEGAS…but what happens at the Peppermint Rhino after the debate will stay in VEGAS!!

Of all the most hypocritical moves on the NORTH AMERICAN CONTINENT. this may be it!!

Horny right-wing Christians will be looking for those Mary Magdalene types to help them through a night of having to stomach HERMAN CAIN.

Rick Perry will be having more than his hair done!!!

Marcus Bachman will be auditioning at the Cage Aux Folles.!

Mitt Romney will say he’s going to bed early and then change his mind and stay up all night paying hookers to just like him!

Herman Cain will say that when he’s President he will order an immediate electric fence to be put around Rachel Maddow and then tell everyone he was just joking while he strangles an illegal Honduran waitress.

The Koch Brothers will buy showgirls for everyone.

Rick Perry’s wife will blame Obama for her losing big at the Roulette tables.

Newt Gingrich’s wife will ask Newt to buy her a diamond the size of the lobby of the Belagio.

Right wing Christian fanatics will ask God to forgive them for two nights of lap dancing and Tequila and Red Bull.

Michelle Bachmann will research “The Thunder from Down Under” male strippers shows at length ,with religious intensity and during of six exciting sweaty shows.


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