“Joe blows”………………………………………….


Both Joe Scarborough and John Stossel are impossible to watch without spitting out your Red Bull and Crown.

We’ve tried several times and have had to take an extra session with the shrinks to maintain our dignity.

Joe makes elitists look like the homeless.

If Joe had his nose any further up in the air he’s be sniffing Saint Peter’s crotch.

His latest MSNBC arrogant put down of the Occupy Movement proves he has the sensitivity of Simon Cowell attempting to destroy the confidence of an already suicidal teenage auditioner.

Mika… the Polish princess co-host with the name that sounds like an Eastern European disease .”.I just came down with Brzezinski”  tries hard to keep up with the arrogance but falls short due to a daily dose of brain freeze. Others on the panel play various games of “gotcha!” with each other while Joe just smiles and looks vaguely aristocratic.

Joe attempts to be fair and without bias when he informs us every single day that he is indeed a REPUBLICAN.. which disqualifies him from rationality fairness and not being biased.


John (Groucho) Stossel has been set free from any form of rationality that he had to adhere to at ABC. He had become a person that will very soon be taken away by those men in white suits with the big van and the restraints. 

Stossel’s idea of a good time is finding fact about government policies and turning them into fictional conspiracies theories that can give ordinary people extraordinary problems that can cause them to get serious diseases or turn them into the living dead. 

John has taken sensationalism into a new comic book realm and the only way we can think of to stop him is to have somebody really strong to beat him over the head with Sean Hannity!  

We realize that Fox News isn’t the only place where ridiculousness flourishes now..as CNN seems dedicated ,under its new regime, to steal some of Fox biased thunder…Their demographics with the 45/65 Dolt audience are rising. So far however the sound of right-wing thunder coming from CNN sounds like a midget breaking wind.

Morning Joe and John Stossel 2 of the people responsible for intelligent people going out to bars or baking some hash brownies while their shows are on.



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