A headline you will NOT see on many main stream media outlet. 

Without Obama’s resolve to send American fighter jets to bomb the Gaddafi columns rushing towards Benghazi to wipe out the defiant defenseless population Libya today would not be celebrating the final demise of 49 years of tyranny.

How CNN and Fox (the new brothers and sisters in Right Wing propaganda) will spin this will be apparent for the next few days.  It will definitely not be doing Obama any favors.

The President is not somebody to be trifled with in foreign affair matters. He has taken out Osama and most of his command… and now has assisted in freeing an entire country of a terrorist leader who was the other person most responsible for the death of America through terrorism. 

If this kind of victory had been achieved while the Bush Baby was in power.. the little loser would be parading around like Mussolini on the flight deck of at least six aircraft carriers and appearing on Fox News and CNN draped in an American flag wearing PATTON  drag! 

On MSNBC experienced war correspondent Richard Engle today made the kind of statement we have above…but we will NOT see anything like this on the Goebbels networks.

Just a little indulgence here please. 

Can we can compare the current GOP candidates to take on the PRESIDENT’S credentials in a leadership contest?

Just saying any of their names will help anyone with a brain who isn’t in lock step with doctrinaire idiocy come to the same sane conclusion. 

“Mitt Romney”… say it!!…Mitt Romney!!

He never could have made the dangerous decision to take out Osama and also to send American planes to bomb that Gaddafi convoy…he’s still be discussing which way to act and who wants the turkey and cheese on rye while Gaddafi would’ve been killing thousands of innocent men, women and children. Agreed??

As for the rest of the clown pack…please…give us a break..there has never been so many people on television with so little dignity, factual information and intelligence since the premiere of Jersey Shores.




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