On a hugely successful day for the PRESIDENT of the United States with his presiding over the death of yet another Anti American terrorist leader..Drudge sees fit to show a picture of Obama shaking hand with Gaddafi. 

Of course there are shots of many other US dignitaries doing that but Drudge chooses the Obama picture in his moment of triumph to attempt to put him down. And with the headline : “Peace Prez strikes again!”

What a complete asshole!!  A truly horrific person…an excuse for a journalist…a whining witless wart!

We await the rest of the FOX/CNN spin on Obama’s big win without putting boots on the ground and with a minimum cost.

SEAN HANNITY: “I blame Obama for wearing the wrong suit at his press announcement today!” 

BILL O’REILLY: “Just like I’ve always said he’s on the side of the Muslims.

WOLFE BLITZER:” All those guns and rocket launchers..Obama …this is not good for the Jews!”

SARAH PALIN:” I don’t exactly know who Gaddafi is …do you?”

BRETT HUME: “Obama may have wiped out terrorism as we know it ..but where is he on the vital issue of  funding for the expansion of  trout farms?”  

The main stream media just cannot and will never give this powerfully great president his rightful place in the world . The constant battle to minimise his achievements is truly unbelievable .

The Matt Drudge’s slimy bullsh*t just puts a further explanation mark on this “oh so obvious” racists right-wing attitude which says …”No black man deserves the adulation of all the people unless he’s playing basketball ,football or baseball or he’singing and dancing.”

“Don’t ever let a black be uppity enough to tell us white Americans what to do!…We were here first and brought their black asses here in the holds of ships…”

Sometimes superiority complexes make folks inferior…Matt Drudge is a nasty poisonous rash on the butt of America!

EDITOR’S NOTE. And if I ever met him I’d tell that to his face and I might even laugh derisively at his stupid hat!!



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