Editorial: “YES I’M ANGRY!!”

A simple question..”If GEORGE W. BUSH had taken out Bin Ladin ,decimated the rest of the Al Qaeda and assisted in the overthrowing of Gaddafi how many aircraft carriers would that silly- little- loser- man have landed on wearing his ridiculous flight drag?

When the decrepid AARP refugee and smelly old man of the Senate John McCain congratulates the freakin’ FRENCH and the freakin’ British for the overthrow of GADDAFI and does not mention his own country’s efforts then he is an American traitor!!! What an hypocritical ingrate of a military man!!

When way back when some trumped-up little “credentials lite” right-wing Cuban America called Marco Rubio slithers into the public eye with the same kind of congratulatory tone towards the freakin’ FRENCH and the freakin’ British without mentioning his President’s brilliance… then he is an America traitor.

Playing small-minded politics when America is so divided is only more proof of the utter chaos the REPUBLICAN PARTY of today will cause to the structure of this country if the public is stupid enough to vote their sorry seditious asses back into power.

These people are NOT true Americans they are right-wing extremists bent on taking down  our society and replacing it with some weird out touch “corpo-religious” nether world that actually nobody in this country really wants not even the people who they’ve hoodwinked into believing their Goebbels’ style propaganda.

Now as the little “Emperor with no Clothes’ Vladimir “the Pip Squeak Invader” tramples over treaties and mocks the West with absurd but dangerous threats of nuclear attack what was happening then is happening again….THE TRAITORS COME OUT IN FULL FORCE…Led by the same mottled crew of Obama haters..Spewing quotes that Pravda can pick up and slam their President with.

Its as if they are spoiling for an attack on their own country so they can call Obama weak…

What the bloody hell is going on here ?

Idiots like Michelle Bachmann and Sean Hannity cannot take a breather from trying to destroy a good man’s reputation with insulting inane crap and just bask in a a possible American DIPLOMATIC RESOLVE of an erratic volatile situation is tantamount to the sheer  ugliness of extreme bigotry..they are tiny minded ingrates and all time unpatriotic fifth columnists.

As a nation we are either on a trajectory of a complete corporate coup or a repudiation and reversal of the Wall Street/Christian coalition idea that is being thrust upon us by the monied pirates of our future lives.

We are at this crossroad NOW…we are in the fight of our lives.. and the negative anti-American GOP reaction to Obama’s cool and calculated approach to avoiding military confrontation with a rogue government of crazed Russians is without precedent.

Protesting FOR war is screwed!

Of course I could be wrong as many of you continue to tell me ..but hold off on the “f*cking fat assed faggot Socialist loser” dialogue it upsets my agent who wants me to sell stuff to Fox. 

And I do not have a fat ass…  


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