ABC’s comedy drama “Desperate Housewives” is gone… and so will the “Desperate Republicans”be gone sooner than later.  They are currently digging their own grave of bigotry and hatred of change.

The ranting and raving GOP “potentials” are proving that with their over the top absolutely ludicrous spins on everything from Iran to Obamacare  are “fear factors”evolving daily.

Rand Paul feverishly tells his followers Obama is a “war President” forgetting that the statement he just made is a “naked political statement”and not true…he’s grasping at the straw dogs of war…

The Ship of Fools keeps sailing into more and more stupidity and silliness…but still millions of American people will vote for one of these clowns to be their presidential candidate. Go figure..its hard to understand.

Chris Christie shot himself in foot of the bridge..his panic is not saving his candidacy but saving his ass from jail time. He’s just not electable…

The ludicrous Fox New spins show us how empty of ideas for the 21st Century these puffed up GOP losers are…They can put policies and legislation down but they don’t say what they’ll replace it with. As much as they are asked ..”So what would you do?” is as much as they say..”We’d change things’….but to what???

We see this pudgy sweaty Fox News analysis guy called Frank Luntz interviewing people with his bogus polls who say things to him like: ” We like Ted Cruz  he speaks for us, he’s a real person …he makes a lot of sense..”..Ted Cruz makes no sense…he makes about as much sense as JERRY SPRINGER doing a show about knitting.

Wolf Blitzer said the other night that the GOP rebuttal by Mary Poppins, the lady who stands behind John Boehner was “a tough substantial speech”..this was right after he must’ve smoked the crack pipe of lunacy.

CNN ‘s ratings were lower than the Golf Channel in January…so much for believing anything the old man not from the sea was saying…

We are in a surreal situation here where lying escalates daily and the mains stream media laps it up and spits it back at us like it has some meaning and is not so demeaning to intelligence as to make one sick to the stomach.

Personally I have to go blow chunks right now…but that’s just me…oh!!! and about 134,0o0,000 other people.

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