As we read the news every day do things seem to be running so far out of control that it appears we haven’t learned anything from  our mistakes?

In recent history …we saw that Hillary Clinton visits Afghanistan and shakes hands with the President …a guy who look like he’s wearing the drapes from the Kabul Hilton..After she left Karzai disses the US…This is a guy who has probably stolen more US tax dollars than Bank of America …WTF??  


Obama was accused of “prolonging the Iraq war and spending trillions more dollars doing it” …and this by the both parties…then when he says he’s pulling out the troops to save those trillions of dollars he’s accused of  “losing the Bush-era war!!”…

A war he didn’t start and was dead against even before he was President. 

When he assists in liberating Libya from one of the worst tyrants in history… he’s suddenly accused of either “not acting soon enough” or the contradictory statements now coming out of the GOP/ FOX NEWS…”Obama responsible for the new government imposing Sharia Law!  It just does not make any rational kind of sense..but who’s being rational?

Obama is damned if he does and double damned if he does it again. 

 If Jesus came back and endorsed him they’d say ..Oh yeah…but what about Moses?”

Libya may be imposing Sharia Law while America politics ATTEMPTED to impose :”One term for the too smart uppity BLACK GUY  at all costs law” ..well that didn’t work..despite Fox News a  billions dollars..


Here at home the (GOP led) US Congress are on about lowering taxes , cancelling abortion and creating jobs by firing the police, the firefighters, the nurses and the teacherS but have no actual coherent jobs creation policies..and this week the GOP claim “victory” over the devastating sequester which is the dumbest DOMESTIC ACT act since the Watergate BREAK IN….


And what of  Michele Bachmann who sits in the Intelligence Committee…This is funnier than DENNIS MILLER’S ENTIRE CAREER.

…And Herman Cain as a Fox contributor …who has the credibility of the guy who said : “I did not have sex with that woman” and who makes statements that make Martin Luther King turn over at his monument


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