When  the ten-year governor of a huge state like TEXAS goes to New York and meets with a 3rd rate ego happy rich kid’s son who inherited his wealth and sparks fly what is anyone to think?

Is this a case of steamy man love?

Of course not !..we’re sorry we brought it up..for one thing they just don’t have the creativity, the color sense or the hair styles. …But  just the visual of a “same-sex liaison” between Perry and Trump is enough to make one take an immediate trip to the bathroom…

PERRY kissing Trump-Ass “figuratively speaking” is another thing even that’s visually alarming.

That Perry allows a puffed up publicity seeker like Trump to have a rational political influence on him tells us much about this loser Perry’s desperation and a great deal about his weakness. Would President Perry be asking Donald Trump if he could invade MEXICO or wear beige?

Playing the veiled race card shows that Rick is still a despicable opportunist and not fit to be a President of a local Sanitary company let alone the most powerful nation on the freakin’ planet.

He is an inarticulate clown with the backing of TEXAS millionaire’s money and  the good wishes of the extremist right-wing Christian evangelist snake kissing end of times loonies..Nasty and “more nastier!!!”

The more we see of these GOP candidates..the more ludicrous and out of touch with the rest of us they seem. It’s like watching a disaster movie without CGI.


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