This week …the death knell for Michele Bachmann just got “death kneller” as Wayne Newton endorsed her!

Some immediate reactions are coming in:

” The announcement of Wayne Newton’s endorsement of Michele Bachmann was met today across the country with unbelievable indifference.

Wayne celebrated his Michele endorsement with the installing of a new chin and revamped eyelids!!

Las Vegas was pleased to see their native son at least lucid enough to endorse Michele… as the only person he’s been conversing with lately was his imaginary main room booker.

Michele’s numbers have plummeted ever since she had to ask somebody” what part of Europe is Libya in?”

Wayne and Michelle share the idea that GADDAFI is a new coffee flavor at Starbucks.

Wayne has been told several times that they don’t do plastic surgery on Palominos.

This Wayne endorsement may sound like it’s a big joke but the whole GOP lineup is so loopy anything can happen…

We can perhaps be a little scared of the grinning “stiff red neck” from Texas and Herman Cain… left in charge… would make it like a corpo-exec running the corpo-asylum.

So maybe just maybe the Wayne endorsement will help propel Michele back into contention.

Its really horrible to have  the thought…but Michele might begin to look a lot like the lesser of all idiots!


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