“DO YOU LIKE MY TEETH ..THEY’RE AS WHITE AS I AM!!! 

Herman Cain is the Koch Brother’s Manchurian candidate! 

Herman Cain has the courage of the Koch Brothers  convictions!

Herman Cain is so out of touch with main stream thinking… he’s the perfect fitting suit for the Koch Brother’s coming attempted right-wing coup.

He is a corrupt clown…a man who appears lovable and in touch with the ordinary American when he is actually in touch with Koch Brother’s cash and has been for a very long time. 

He is a corpo-shill…just as Michele Bachmann is a corpo-shill…without Koch-cash Herman wouldn’t be able to sustain a crazy campaign manager let alone a crazy campaign. 

Herman Cain has no organisation…no staff to speaking of apart from the guy who smokes a cigarette and looks like the uncle you used to hate because he lit up in the car!! …that Herman Cain is ahead in the GOP polls gives us all an insight into just how totally ridiculously out of touch the REPUBLICAN PARTY appears to be right now as it turns further right in its fervor not to lose its loony toon base. ..and we have yet to see his wife anywhere..what is Herman hiding…a hunchback…?

To combat Herman “Koch-Cain!” we have another crazed GOP fool in the image of a”half a man-half a figment of a vivid imagination of a man” …one Rick Perry!  He is attempting to change his fortunes around from “loser” to “not so much of a loser” by telling America The President is a fake!

The “fake sayer” is however the real “mother faker!” 

This rant is pretty simplistic we know but really guys.. you are making the comedy world a very happy place to live in!!


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