After witnessing the video of the Iraq war veteran being carried away by his friends after being shot in the head by American police in Oakland California it struck me that this is a watershed moment in America’s fight to regain its dignity.

When police begin firing at their own people the rot sets in!!

When the military begins to brutalize innocent peaceful demonstrators the country involved in these behaviors slowly but surely begins to lose the trust of the people. Not just the people who were brutalized but the rest of the population as they realise that the authorities they trust are not to be trusted.

This is the stuff real revolutions are made of.

When the unreasonable use of force seems to be reasonable to authorities the rot sets in!!

Watching the overreaction of the police in Oakland made us very angry.

This anger will not go away…This anger is not aimed at the police.. even though some of them seemed to relish the beatings they were giving..no this anger is aimed at the terrible unfairness that is suddenly and starkly being  felt by average Americans as their lively hoods , their health and their futures are being held to ransom by the unfeeling unyielding one percent who are running America into bankruptcy with their unmitigated greed and lack of respect for their country’s future.  

As REPUBLICAN SWINE Paul Ryan stands blatantly in front of a camera and blames Obama for inciting violence he is in fact almost declaring war on the protest movement and seems to want to see violence in the streets. Fox News follows suit….these people have no idea how to handle this ..they are just flailing around with preposterous theories and wild accusations of “hippies” and “Communists”…how totally old school!! Can’t they come up with better 21st Century insults than that?    

The right and the corpo-criminals have bitten too deep into the apple of people’s self respect..and they do not know or understand what they have wrought…but “wrought” they have!!…

As Winter closes in on this country so will the powerful forces of the general public’s discontent with the appalling greed and avarice of the one percent of the people living in the Republic as they rape it!    

Get ready Wall Street….”Climate isn’t the only thing that’s a changin!!'”


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