In a desperation mode today The TEA PARTY is abandoning Michele Bachmann..they needed a heading to avert being eclipsed completely by a real grass-roots movement.

The TEA PARTY joins Mitt Romney on the flip floppers scale of ten ..ten being the most flips per flop!

Michelle went too far when she accused Americans of not being “American enough” because they are refusing to stick small stars and stripes flags in their ears while burning effigies of  the Obama family and defecating on photos of the MSNBC nighttime lineup. 

These actions along with the attempts of Marcus to “get the gay out” of Rick Santorum seemed to be the last over the top straws of the NATIONAL SOCIALIST WING of the  TEA PARTY.

She has been asked to return all the Obama posters with the Hitler mustaches and the dart boards with  Andrew Sullivan and the ex-reverend Ted Haggard photos as the bulls eyes.

Mitt Romney’s camp is planning to see if he can turn this into something he can flip over.

Meanwhile Rick Perry is having his hair done a little differently by”Jonathan of Fort Worth” to try to catch a few new followers,and Herman Cain is hiding his wife again while telling the press that what ever he said yesterday doesn’t count today and “pity the fool who thinks it does.” 

 In a bid to improve its 65/85 crazy blood lusting ,gay hating old white people demographic NBC has just offered the REPUBLICAN candidates an hour-long special version of “Biggest Loser!” 

And in a non related news item Liz Cheney has been awarded “The Woman Who Has Never Been to a Hair Stylist ” award for 20011.


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