When Michael Ware told us last year on the Bill Maher Show that by invading Iraq we gave Iraq to Iran..it suddenly comes back to one that the 8 years of us being run by the Bush corpo-puppet regime so f*cked us up that we may never recover.

The Bush legacy was the most damaging thing that’s happened to the United States since Dennis Miller was born. 

Not even Superman could fix the economy…but Obama is making an effort despite the obstructionists from Hell. He’s brought the deficit way and in time ACA is and will be a money saver. It’s taken 5 years to begin to mend 8 years of Bush incompetence and lies.

The DEMOCRATS are still being painted into a corner by the very berserk clowns known as the REPUBLICAN CONGRESS.

They have some weird idea instigated by the Koch Bros that if you kill off the middle class and the poor then the 1% who own them will make them as rich as sh*t. This will lead them into having more guns and 24/7 amounts of fake JESUS worship in the White House and the fact that they would never have to breathe disgusting clean air or be educated ever again. 

 Shame on anyone who actually thought these war criminals had the right to be admired let alone the right to be called “patriots”..The Bush family were and are the real enemy… and their party still is the real enemy of the average American.

But now for something completely ..here’s today’s entertainment…


       Please give it up for Vlad “Glad to be Here” Putin…


“Thankyou ..thankyou…great to be here…I just flew in from Moscow and boy are my arms tired..As I was looking out the window I said to the flight attendent..look down there the people look just like ants .. and she says they are ants we haven’t taken off yet…The last time I saw Bush I said..’Hey George is that a fake WMD in your pants or are you just pleased to see me… I’ve got a millions of ’em…I want to thank the little brained people in the ex-Bush administration for their total incompetence …without them America would still be great and I’d not be able to invade other sovereign countries like they did..Take my Crimea please…God is great!..he Mans up like Me…


“My breasts are all me…my pants are in need of some filler!”


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