IT HAD TO COME SOON BUT THIS SOON…THIS IS “SHORT ATTENTION SPAN REALITY THEATER “AT ITS BEST! … Kim and Cain make ridiculous headlines on the same day!!


The KARDASHIAN $2,000,000 wedding that will now become a $10,000,000 divorce for KIMMY and the inevitable exposure of Herman Cain as a pompous arrogant predator of defenceless female employees.

The American public will shrug these events off proving just how really indolent and intellectually suppressed they’ve become by the introduction of the unstoppable ten tons of reality shows and unwatchable ten tons of Fox News and now the right-wing “copy rats”CNN propaganda.  

The winners in these two news items are obvious..the TV producers of the shows that will report on and follow  the Kim divorce and the Cain sexual harassment stories with the headlines…”Shocking revelations !” “Provocative details !”and  “Sensational exposures!” 

Kim’s reality show ratings will go through the roof…Bruce will be able to afford an entire new butt replacement .

Kim will open her own line of “Divorce Wear” clothing ..

HERMAN will say “I did not have sex harassment with those 143 women while shoring up the large “GOP men who grope women” vote!

….And America will become further distracted from the fact that the GOP is trying to destroy Obama by destroying America which may sound like a good idea to many white people right now …but when the Chinese start opening embassies in Wal Marts things will be different!

WE WILL HAVE “THE KIM AND CAIN” SHOWS around as long as there is sex and lies and digital camera phones.


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