As Rick Perry’s wild-eyed New Hampshire stump speech goes viral it’s becoming obvious that Rick has been over donating at the  Apple Martini bar…or has been smoking some of that Amarillo weed!

On her show Rachel Maddow last night played a few choice TEXAS cuts from the Rick Rambo like ramble. They’ve made some well-known psychiatrists suggest several mind altering drugs for Rick.

Rick giggled and guffawed and made some really bizarre statements which led many who saw this to think that Rick has decided what America needs for a president is another dumb assed TEXAS governor with the class of a Jerry Springer show reject.

The GOP clown debates will continue like some horrible blight on the face of television..and the ratings will continue to be good as people love to see mean assed vicious ignorant buffoons fighting for a chance to win the public’s favor…. look at the success of Celebrity Apprentice…

Herman Cain was caught sexually harassing some ladies a bunch of years ago.. and today he changed his story about that more times than Mitch McConnell each day has to change his Depends.  Herman has also been found to be not completely truthful with his accepting of campaign donations  and his whole campaign may be in jeopardy of being called Terminal Ratshit City …

Mitt Romney it appears will win the REPUBLICAN nomination by default as the rest of the field has become the circular firing squad of the year.

Mediocrity may be what the majority of Americans want leading them ..and Mitt is definitely ahead in that category.


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