In a stunning move the Anti Christ came out of the depths of depravity today to deny any connection with BANK OF AMERICA. 

This comes on the tail of the news that ex candidate Mitt Romney is claiming that the Mormon Angel Moroni successfully told the B of A to rescind the bullshit debit card fee.  So we can surely chalk one up for the “good guys!!”

However in a lengthy exclusive interview with Sean Hannity The Anti Christ… who shape shifted throughout Sean’s questioning between Oprah, the Pope and Michele Obama …did admit to being in Marcus Bachmann’s pants a lot in the 90’s.

The Anti Christ refused to answer questions about Rupert Murdoch being his illegitimate son and tried to dispel the rumors about Donald Trump’s large red colored forked tail hidden all these years by great tailoring.  

Much more on the Hannity/Anti Christ interview later.

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