If ever the Good Lord sent a reprieve for the DEMOCRATS and the Progressives in this great country the arrival of HERMAN ” Dead Candidate Walkin'” CAIN is the gift that keeps on giving and keeps on talking and talking and keeps on digging a gigantic sink hole that he can eventually jump into to escape further scrutiny!

He may not have any ill-fitting suits …but HERMAN has an ill-fitting idea of what you need to know and what you need to say to attract the confidence to be the commander-in-chief.

The nightmare of a Cain presidency fortunately will never happen…as a Perry one won’t either!

Right now Cain stands for denial of legal facts regarding sexual harassment , possible donor fraud, a complete lack of any knowledge of foreign policies and singing hymns at political rallies. 

He’s still way ahead of Romney in the polls which right now proves the extreme right-wing Christians would rather have a suspected crooked sex crazed businessman/politician in the pay of the Koch Brothers who as President rather than a flip flopping Eastern establishment Mormon. Some choice!!

They’d rather vote for a man of color who is more the kind a guy the bigots consider just screams : Comfortable black stereotype!” to them than the other kind of “black” currently running the world against at least 30% of his own country’s hardcore racists and REPUBLICAN obstructionists… who cannot stand his squeaky clean All American smarts.

If this is what the GOP TEA PARTY stalwarts want ….they got it!


And don’t call this blog “racist” Limbaugh…or we’ll send Mike Tyson over there and bite of your bigotry and stick your gold mike where the sun don’t shine.        



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