As the GOP candidates sink slowly into a quicksand of trivial pursuit they all seem to be catching the dreaded Mitt disease known in media circles as the “Flying Flip Flop!”

There is no way in HADES  that any one of these ‘persons of disinterest’ can come up against a determined and articulate President who has a message, and is taking that message to the people as the candidates flounder around making excuses for the last ridiculous and extremist statement that came out of their mouths,

“When I said that I didn’t exactly mean it ..it depends on what time of day it was and if I was in Iowa or my bathroom at the time!  ”   

When old John McCain starts to look good as a presidential candidate again the GOP is suffering from “silly syndrome!” …Between them the candidates cannot muster up enough substance to fill a FIAT.  

Here are the choices as we see them this week.. with a year to go…

Mitt the Mormon…Apart from the being the arbiter of the flip-flop and having the charisma of a kitchen cabinet  Mitt was spawned by the seed of a millionaire..he is to the 99% the complete image of the unfeeling upper class ass. 

Herman Cain doesn’t know China had nuclear weapons since the 60’s!  He’s obviously graduated from the same school of foreign affairs as Palin and Bachmann. As new revelations about his sex life and his problems with illegal corporate funding gather Herman will also have to explain away the HERMAN CAIN HAREM found in a suburb of Cleveland.

Rick Perry cannot seem to debate and chew gum at the same time. He has the swagger and the nice hair of Ronnie Reagan but the Presidential stature of a failed American Idol auditioner. Putting a guy who prayed to God for rain in TEXAS and got massive destructive brush fires instead does say something about the way God works when God sees a “snake oil salesman” who hearts religious leaders who actually kiss snakes.    

Ron Paul can be forgiven for having a great deal of hair growing out of his ears and some of his more loony positions but he will never be forgiven for impregnating his wife and presenting the World with RAND PAUL..who rather than trying to find jobs for Americans is determined to wipe out those expensive government bike paths.

Bachmann/Santorum/Huntsman/etc. continue to flail their way to the bottom of the top while Newt Gingrich makes up stuff about having a “Newt bubble” that could turn into a surge of support which fortunately stops at the staff of Tiffany’s. 

The danger for Obama is to take these clowns too lightly…for as Fox News pointed out the other night… at least 35% of Americans would vote for Woody Woodpecker as long as Woody was a REPUBLICAN and wanted to stop killing unborn American babies while still killing born babies in foreign countries.

The 35% of pro-life-pro-war anti 99% pro 1% REPUBLICAN voters…the perfect storm of the flip-flop…

Go figure!!  


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