With a huge sigh of relief HERMAN CAIN thinks the news that pop star Justin Bieber may have impregnated a groupie in his dressing room after a show will dampen down the sleaze in HERMAN’S  high polling campaign.

Herman may not have been able to keep his tongue or his hands to himself in the 90’s but ..as of this blog… he’s not being accused of any little Herman’s running around America in funny hats and without a father figure.  

Meanwhile Justin is crying foul saying :”I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT GROUPIE!” …”I was only 16 at the time and had flunked sex-education and carpentry at school… so I really didn’t know the different kinds of wood available to me.”

A spokesperson for Herman Cain meanwhile told reporters that Herman will release a document tomorrow showing that the women who accused him of sexual harassment were “Socialist Whores” in the pay of Elizabeth Warren. ..He will further pronounce that they might have been “Lesbian  Socialist Whores” which would make them untrustworthy while having unshaved armpits. 

Justin however is probably as innocent as the driven snow of his native Canada and  as we all know Canadians have no sex real drive..while just looking at HERMAN smiling devilishly at the end of that dumb smoking ad makes one think …”was this a dirty old man with a raincoat, long socks and nothing else exposing himself to more that a corporate salary back in the 90’s…

It’s not over HERMAN ’till the harassed ladies sing!



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