Rupert Murdoch’s media empire has declared war on the Occupy movement. The headlines in his newspapers scream invective at the revolutionaries…SEAN HANNITY and the rest of the FOX cut throats are ramping up the hatred and overt suggestions for the red necks to get down there and beat the shit out of the dirty hippies.

Fortunately the dirty hippies are not dirty hippies but young university students who can’t pay their tuition plus grandmothers, war veterans , out of work computer programmers, nurses, teachers and just plain middle class folk who cannot make ends meet because of the relentless burning down of their middle class existences by the powerful corporate machineries now in place to subjugate them and keep them down. 

The red meat being tossed out by the extremist media is meant to deter the general public from sympathizing with the revolution. But this will only reach the dumb asses who follow along with what ever the Murdoch butcher boys yell at them.

These 99% people are not wimps , and they will just laugh in the face of the propaganda.  The right will next attempt to infiltrate the peaceful movement with violent “ring ins”who will attempt to incite riots …but this won’t work in general because this is a grass-roots peaceful movement that intends not to fight back with rocks and bottles but with slogans and speeches and reality checks.

As Michael Moore said last night the right will get desperate enough to instigate trouble.

Paid thugs will attempt to usurp the movement …the Koch Brothers will pay anything to have this scary populist thing go away.

But Murdoch’s red meat will sow the seeds of its own destruction!

When THE RIGHT  INSTIGATE THE FIRST REAL VIOLENCE …this PEACEFUL American revolution will become unstoppable and the spirit of Gandhi will be in the streets as the corporate empire bows to the force of the people.



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