“Hello my darlin’ hello my darlin’…I’m just another REPUBLICAN who wants to be President…I got a better chance than Rand Paul…or the Canadian…

We all now  “The REPUBLICANS would vote for Mickey Mouse as President… if he was for the GOP…instead of a Democrat!”

When we look back at 8 years of a B movie actor who became President… a man who is now treated like a God by these same people…then 8 years of a complete sissy rich kid moron who became President … and a dumb assed muscle-bound ex-Austrian action hero who was voted Governor of California, it all becomes terribly clear that this land is NOT our land any more but the land of enough people who do what they are told by the smart people running the propaganda machines that can put these total puppets into office…

We still have the Boehner/ Cantor/ McConnell puppets to deal with as the Koch Brothers have their hands  their collective asses.

Hey folks ..the proof is in the political pudding…Reagan’s masters killed the unions and took us down the dark road of supply side economics which started the rot…the rest of the downward spiral could not be stopped as subsequent Presidents, including Clinton, totalled the United States as a democratic society.

This land is not our land anymore…even with Obama, who’s also a slave to the banks what ever we want to think…this land is NOT our land …it is the land owned by the 1%.

Just now the people have begun to realize there’s been a corporate palace coup and we are owned by big business.Just no The bitterness of winter and the all out Murdoch extremist right-wing war on the 99% percent and the protesters..”Filthy hippes” is now an expression freely used as the Murdoch sleaze machine swings into action…Calling  this movement old school epitaphs will not make it go away. Murdoch’s war on Occupy Wall Street has “stupid over kill desperation” written all over the front covers of his newspapers…

This land may not be our land …but it is definitely not the land of Rupert Murdoch who may call himself a legal immigrant with papers ..but is really a sleazy old Australian tabloid newspaperman keen to avert attention from his possible criminal activities in bringing the illegal hacking and multitudinous falsehoods of his newspaper and media to a dumbed down populace who stomach people like Rick SANTORUM…

Bring out the barf bags …the GOP debates continue…


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