One of the more hideous sights on television news these days is the morfing of CNN’s Candy Crowley into a giant-sized shill for the Koch Brothers.

This is just a rumor but we’ve heard the Koch Brothers send Candy Crowley a side of beef and ten pounds of potatoes ever day in honor of her decision to tilt extreme right!

Candy asked the president of AARP recently if seniors were willing to sacrifice in order to get the deficit down…like dying earlier Candy?

Most enlightened countries in the world do several things to make sure they stay enlightened Candy!

They revere and take care of their country’s elderly…they make sure that every child has a good education, they make sure their sick and infirmed are treated with humanity and dignity and the correct free or affordable medical assistance.   

To listen to Candy and the new rightist leaning  big mouths on CNN , the entirety of Murdoch’s Fox News propaganda machine, the CNBC corporate “shrill shills”…and my personal favorite; David Gregory the main stream’s BENEDICT ARNOLD who’s never seen a banker or a wall street broker he didn’t want to bend over for…nothing matters as long as the 1% has its way with us.

We the people must cut out all that anti-humanitarian fat from this country! “We have a great idea along those lines…

Let’s put Candy out to pasture before she eats human dignity to death… let’s make it “all over when the CANDY CROWLEY sings!”

Let’s hoist Candy into an eighteen wheeler and run her out of the CNN town she’s assisting to contaminate !

Let’s begin by removing her from the long list of the rest of the product oriented, demographically petrified corporate media Koch-jockies.

Too much Candy will rot your teeth, give you a diabetes and remind you that even people like your editor, who loves and appreciates the power of  women, can find a rotten Candy Apple in the organic orchard of female greatness.

** We have other examples of off the chart women who need to balance their crazy BS with their undergarments but you know who you are!!

In the meantime give us Elizabeth Warren or give us death!!

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