Finally…even with millions of “Kaffienated Koch-Kash Tea” being poured onto the ‘No’ vote on the repeal of  anti-union collective bargaining …the people of Ohio took a giant landslide of a dump on the head of the arrogant disrespecting of the middle class Republican governor John Kasich! 

The country seems to have realized… almost overnight …the terrible harm to the economic well-being of the average family electing corporate paid GOP Fascist activists has already done.

“Promising jobs to get the job and then not providing jobs is the work of idiots and fools”   

Along with the Occupy Movement .. the unions have never shirked in showing their resolve.

The people of America are saying as GEORGE W. BUSH said: ” Fool me once shame on me…er…er…fool me twice …er…er..er… you can’t fool me again!”   Thank you puppet boy!

Yes Americans at last the Bush quotes are coming home to roost as doo doo on the hairpieces of the crooked overkill GOP governors. and the Congressional Republican anti-progress obstructionists.

We’re slowly but surely taking back the centre of the high ground for the people …and as George W said we will again be able to “put food on every American!”

Meanwhile over in Wisconsin there’s a little mini-dictator Koch suck up weasel called Scott Walker who is having to change hisunder shorts on the hour every hour.

The tide has turned and the sharks will be left high and dry.   

Let’s kick ass!!


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