They must be breaking out the champagne and River Dancing in the Oval office as the GOP clown debates continue to be funnier than the Saturday Night Live sketches about them!   

The America public are flocking to watch these hilarious destructive events like they would to a Roland Emmerich disaster movie.

The World is beginning to cave in on the REPUBLICAN raving rat shit Congressional majority and with  the current DEMOCRATIC landslide union and women’s rights victories in the recent election cycle. ..things are looking bleaker than a Mitch McConnell blood count.

Judging by these TEA-BATES non of these terminal losers could “run a raffle at a Rotor Rooter retreat ” let alone a country!   

Rick Perry went immediately web-viral at the latest TEA-BATE when he had a Texas sized senior moment.

Rick couldn’t recall his 3rd totally obscene screw the American middle class cost cutting item. The first 2 being Medicare and Education. All he needed was for the little car with fifty clowns in it!!

Rick’s chances to be the GOP Presidential candidate became as likely as Rush Limbaugh’s chances of getting laid without paying top price at a Dominican brothel. 

Meanwhile serial adulterer Newt was rising to the occasion ,while seriously imagining  that any woman in their right mind would vote for a guy who was screwing his assistant while his current wife was extremely ill. Newt has as much baggage as Santa on Christmas eve.

And over in the stand up comedian camp Herman Cain continued to make absolutely no sense while being loudly cheered on by an audience who must’ve been bussed in by “The People for More Sexual Harassment Society!” 

Ron Paul still hasn’t shaved the hair growing out of his ears.. and nobody gonna vote for him while this is still happening.

Mitt continues to never find a position he can’t change his position on. 

Michelle talks words but none of them come together in cohesive sentences that even sound vaguely like the English langauge.

Over in the “also rants” Rick and John are not that funny so nobody takes any notice of them.

NBC  is rumored to have offered all these candidates a show for next season as none of their other sit coms are working.

Michelle…how’s about a ride in the Caddy …I want to show you my 69-69-69 plan!”


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