Sitting comfortably in one’s house watching the Penn State child rape story unfolding turns that comfort into a deeply disturbing feeling of outrage and a questioning of basic human behaviour.

This blog is not about the hideous details, it’s not even about the many actual disgusting adults and law enforcement personnel who should have immediately taken action against the predatory pervert all  those years ago.

This is about the pervading greed and lack of basic morals that is now being forced to the center of the American public’s understanding whether they like it or not.

We are getting the uncomfortable feeling that giant money-making organisations like the behemoth of college football and the Catholic church can hide behind the good while unbelievable evil is being perpetrated . This feeling is growing amongst many millions of people right now and its going beyond politics. 

We face a daily barrage from the right regarding “family values!” and how Socialists , Muslims . intellectuals and most progressive ideas are the beginnings of the coming of the “Anti Christ.”what ever the hell that is!! 

Facing the undeniable nasty truths about our cherished institutions is a hard nut to crack..we might say using scapegoats is the work of the “Anti Christ’s” amongst us.  We could call this the Goebbels’ syndrome.

The current world we live in is a morally corrupt place when despicable audiences at the GOP debates cheer death and boo our combat troops because they are gay… when an entire news network and its followers defends a perverted old ego maniac who’s been treating women like low life sex objects. 

When the banks that were saved by the President’s bail outs hoard the monies that saved them and foreclose on the tax payers who saved them.

When the 1% pay no taxes , when old men in government want to tell young women what to do with their bodies . ..when college students misguidedly riot in favor of college football instead of being outraged by a brute of man smashing the lives of little boys.

It all gets down to money folks.. the money made by the Church, the money made by college ball , the money made subjugating most of the people.

This total greed has always been with us..but somehow it seems that a sleeping Tiger has been awakened by the sheer magnitude and arrogance of the 1% who still treat this country and it’s people as their personal plaything.

Perhaps…just perhaps…there’s a glimmer of morality still left in the basic values I know I grew up with and it takes monumentally horrific sex acts and the personal tragedies we’re seeing to stun us all into an awareness that has been so sadly lacking and hidden under our bone weary struggles to survive.

This country was becoming an Ostrich with its head in the imaginary sand of indolence and false religious, social and political idols will this change?


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