” Newt..take your hand off my ass we’re meeting the Queen of England! 


First it was man who didn’t see a position he didn’t find he could change his mind on…and also wears magic undergarments and then a further succession of other buffoons.

The swaggering smirking Texas governor who keeps shooting himself in his cowboy boots…he looks great…but he can’t chew gum and remember his own policies at the same time. He’s being called “a forgetful drunk with nice hair” around the TEA PARTY water coolers and cross burnings.

Next came the Herman Cain stand up comedian boomlet. Herman has succeeded in appealing to the basest of the GOP base. Herman is a dirty old Koch Brothers ass kissing executive who’s never seen an attractive blonde’s buttocks  he didn’t want to grope. He is a masochist, a liar and a mouthpiece for the evils of a big business take over of DEMOCRACY..in other words the perfect TEA PARTY prototype…he is also pretending to be black..but the make up is wearing off.

And now as these imitations of real candidates with real policies flail around making ridiculous accusations against the Federal Government and hate filled comments about the PRESIDENT the fickle f*ck ups of the GOP have decided all of the above losers suck big time and they’re turning their jaundiced eyes to yet another silly person..The guy with the first name that’s weirder than Mitt……NEWT!!

NEWT… The serial adulterer with the morals of the editor of Hustler!  NEWT… A man who has the best interests of the people in his heart as long as they work at Tiffany’s… NEWT…The architect of “Con-tract with America” which worked about as well as the Titanic bulkheads…NEWT…accused of 84 ethics violations while Speaker of the House and reprimanded by the Congress. NEWT… a man who never saw a cause he couldn’t make money from …NEWT..who went to see his sick wife in hospital to ask for a divorce while having affairs with any woman who didn’t have much taste in men. NEWT.. who found adultery almost as much fun as evading taxes ..NEWT… who tried to screw an adulterous President Clinton while at the same time screwing his “personal assistant! NEWT ..who married that woman … Callista… who is 23 years younger than he is and is obviously giving NEWT something stimulating for his family jewels to keep a no limit charge account at Tiffany’s…

Newt is a tired old retro-retread with enough baggage to warrant a lengthy examination at airports and all kinds of other moral and ethical institutions…



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