The most frightening “GOP  Tea-bate” so far took place recently when the three-ring circus of nitwits and clowns told their demented followers how they would handle World affairs if they were President.

Really scary sh*t…real scary! 

Newt trying his hardest to look important and a possible front-runner for the blood lusting set… told them he liked the idea of more war.. with a probable possibility of nuking Iran… 

Michelle… fading into the twilight of the lunatic irrelevance from which she came…came out for  waterboarding and condoned torture as a necessary means to get information! Actually every time she opens her mouth its intellectual torture!  

Perry wants to cut all aid to Israel and Mitt says that reelecting Obama will definitely make Iran attack us…

Honestly they sound like a pack of raving idiots..it’s as if they don’t take notes between debates and believe that their stock in trade bullsh*t party line always covers everything.

If there was one constructive statement during this latest debate about world affairs and on how America fits into its complicated dialogues… show it to us …look at the whole debacle and show it to us!! 

If anyone remembers anything that any of these pumped up nobody’s said that went beyond a series of dumbed down crowd pleasing Fox sounding sound bites please write and let us know!

To imagine any of these unimpressive unconscious unimportant people controlling nuclear arsenals is truly alarming.

“Seriously Mitt/Newt/Cain/Perry/Paul/Santorum/ make lightweights seem heavy.”

John Huntsman is their only candidate who comes anywhere near having enough knowledge to show up on the international scene and appear credible. He was after all chosen by President Obama to be ambassador to China. But poor John is almost off the map quest site due to appearing rational in a sea of fanatical red meat militancy and complete international naivety.

Try as you might it would be hard to picture any of the current Republican “ship of fools” having the courage and intelligence to bring the country back from the brink of a depression, save the American car industry , kill Bin Laden and decimate Al Qaeda , rescue Libya from possible mass genocide without losing an American life and pull the troops out of Iraq. 

Ask yourself could Mitt?”..could Perry?…could Newt?…could Cain?…could Bachmann?…Santorum…Paul?..etc…       

 This country may still be suffering from the devastation of the last bunch of hopelessly over their heads REPUBLICAN morons…but its becoming obvious by just watching these debate travesties week in and week out that the country is beginning to realize it may eventually wind up being a one party system..

It might be… but it might not be a DEMOCRATIC or REPUBLICAN party…but rather THE  SANITY  party!    


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