“HERE’S MICHELE!!!

How did any rational person in Minnesota ever cast a vote for Michelle Bachmann..did some crazy right-wing maniac put something in the water?

The blank staring factually impaired seditious Koch financed silly person is such a dumb ass that even David Gregory… who tries to be on her side a little… winds up looking like he wants to strangle every last breath from her insane flailing non stop nonsensical ranting.

It seemed on Sunday ‘s Meet the Press that if David had a big bag he would have put it over her head and  hit her with an iron pot to shut her the f*ck up.!!

She makes inane unsubstantiated statements that are based on a truth that only exists on the Planet Pluto. Networks must have Mrs. Bachmann  on news shows for the comic relief…but then again there’s HERMAN and the two Ricks…making the hilarious new 4 Stooges!!

Judging from last week’s “Michele from Hell” statements still being translated into English like :…

“America has to release the terrorists it captures because we have no prisons to keep them in.”…

…And “We should take leaf out of Capitalist China and stop all the socialist policies of the Obama regime.” …Michele’s advisers must be on an opium jag. 

She makes jaw dropping misstatements that may wow a debate audience of uniformed right-wing bloodlusting cretins but when examined by even a few of the bloodlusting gay haters this might confuse them so much they could be running their gas guzzlers into trees! 

Will somebody please tell the other “Mrs Bachmann…Marcus” to stop taking tax payers money to subsidise his attempts to get “the gay out” of gays, take his wifey home and lock her in the garage until  next November so as to spare the Minnesota tax payers from having to place her in”The State Hospital for the Totally Stupid!” 

Its okay to be dumb…but having  President Bush for eight years was enough..and he was dumber than the entire World wide Chuck Norris fan club and the woman who married Rush Limbaugh put together.



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