Who ever decided that the Occupy movement needed to be put in its place and started a series of coordinated raids on peaceful non violent protesters across the country is masturbating in time with each other’s ultimate demise and without having a clue of what’s really at stake.

People in power…listen carefully …the more you start up with these people…the stronger they’ll get. Uniforms, batons, tear gas, mace,barricades, searches, outside agitators…forget about it.. what’s happening is an American revolution of monumental proportions…they’ll take all of that in their stride.

Fox News is running so scared they’re soiling their jeans. Its becoming so strident over at Fox the blonde bimbos are quaking all the way up their oiled thighs. The naked fear over there is that the Fox News studios will be occupied by filthy hippy war veterans, dope smoking union members, angry uptight socialist nurses and vicious gay loving seniors.

Of course the 1% can’t get a grip of this yet.. they just think it’s some disillusioned weirdos and it’ll all die down and go away when Fox News and the police takes care of it in the next few days.

The police are doing what they’re told and ejecting the protesters from the parks and outside the buildings…but what’s this? .. as fast as they eject them … there they are again. It’s like Groundhog’s Day without Bill Murray.

‘Why are there so many of them?”   They ‘re the 99% don’t you know …They ‘re not GOP and they’re not DEMOCRATS.. they are people who are utterly sick of the GOP and the DEMOCRATS… They know that those grifters don’t work for the 99% …they’re working for themselves and most of them are owned by “the lobby people!”  in Washington .

These politicians are number one for the 1%…and suddenly out of nowhere everyone is waking up to this. By being heavy-handed and violent with peaceful people police create resentment and that’ plain isn’t going to be successful as a tactic.

It’s always been that way…In India Gandhi ‘s following grew and grew until it were so massive while being  non violent that the British Army and the entire Indian police force couldn’t continue to beat them and kill them and  they just did the math and knew it was over…. And that was the end of  400 years of the British Colonial monetary rape of a sub-continent.

In time people will always overwhelm authoritarian rule when their cause is righteous. The Occupy movement’s cause is righteous. It is a movement without leaders right now.

This movement is a giant benign octopus of clever intelligent America people who are finally letting the white-collar criminals who have been assaulting and molesting their rights and causing them unnecessary indignities for one year too long.

Soon as the movement matures we will see the direct actions that will begin to hurt the corporations in their pocket books. The smartest policy of the revolution so far is that it has no charismatic spokes person to carry its message. It has its own charisma…its own self-perpetuating style.

It will eventually find its spokes people but right now it’s medium is its message and no cops with batons and barricades can stop it..

Now you see it….now you see it again larger that the last time you saw it.


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