Something disturbing is happening around the burgeoning people’s Occupy movement. There’s a rumor that government agencies are involved in attempting to deter the protesters from their constitutional rights to assemble and tell the 1% they are robbing America blind!! 

This is only a rumor mind you …but so was the rumor about HERMAN CAIN groping pizza company blondes and Sandusky’s penchant for 10 year olds … Now both of those rumors are becoming closer to being facts that the whole of  Michele Bachmann’s campaign.

Homeland Security needs to be on alert for the grandmothers, priests and nurses who might just be soiling a park…

Really this seems an impossible situation in the America of 2011. …Is there really such a fear in government and business of this peaceful uprising of the massive amount of disgruntled people that they may have organised an 18 city coordinated attack on protesting America citizens?

Have they been taking Syrian lessons.”

If this is so…then the movement is doing its job brilliantly. People in power are powerless in their ability to catch onto the message…so rather than try to work through that… it seems logical to them that they just have to stamp it out …get rid of this annoying unwieldy non political mass of unruly dedicated people in the only way police states knows… with force!

Are the police confused? They don’t look like it.. they look like they’re enjoying beating students and old people and arresting their fellow Americans just doing their American thing.

This revolution …as in all revolutions… brings out the best and the worst in a country.

So far the worst is coming from the authorities who are condoning brute force being used on unarmed passive people. The worst is coming from a barrage hateful putrid sound bits and graphics from the wrecking crew over at Fox -Non News. 

The livid fear behind the outrageous attempting sliming of this ever-increasing people power juggernaut  is palpable. The sinister innuendos about “drugs, illicit sex and disgusting language is just as easily compared to any night in the Fox News cafeteria. 

There is for instance that persistent rumor that Sean Hannity doesn’t have any pants on under his desk..And that Bill O’Reilly keeps an underaged Thai hooker under his. But these are just those silly persistent rumors like the Fox News rumors about the Occupy folks.

How Bloomberg and the rest of the mayors across the country decided all at the same time to start smashing students, veterans , union peeps and handicapped people on the head deserves some investigation… But don’t look at Wolf Blitzer or Brian Williams, they’re too busy trying to find ways to tell the public…”Occupy Wall Street is no big deal.” 

Humpty Dumpty might be in for a big fall.. and all the Koch Brothers money and Bloomberg arrogance might not be able to put it together again…


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