The new front runner…for five minutes until they start to see a genuine big time con-artist at work …is Newt.

As some are saying he’s “intellectually and fundamentally corrupt.”

This of course does not preclude him becoming President of a fundamentally POLITICALLY corrupt country “Previously known as the United States of America. ”

Today on a well-known blog Newt was called” the beached whale of hypocricy”…not very flattering for an old school guy with “has been” written all over him.

He’s definitely yesterday’s news and if that’s what the GOP wants bring him on…Newt is not squeaky clean… in fact it would take 20 gallons of A GRADE synthetic oil  to get all the squeaks out.

He’s currently running for President and running a money making book tour at the same time .. he makes Sarah Palin’s love for money look like Scrooge McDuck’s!

Newt has never seen a millions dollars he doesn’t like ..especially if he can get it to a tax-free haven where they play old Harry Belafonte songs.

Of course Newt’s got more baggage than Santa on Christmas Eve…

The serial adultery bit we’ve already covered …this goes over big with women.. there’s Callista who looks like she sprays her hair with Kevlar and has the transfixed look of :”HOW THE F&*# DID I GET THIS FAR….I THOUGHT IT WOULD ALWAYS JUST BE GETTING COFFEE AND BEING NEWT’S OFFICE LOVE SLAVE ?”

If this guy is in contention for GOP honors…we can guarantee he knows where Libya is…plus where every tax loop hole…crooked banker and book store is in Tripoli!

He’s no dummy…but what of Callista?



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