The ludicrous statements that Pizza is a vegetable and can continued to be served to kids at school is as ridiculous as the now debunked candidacy of “the pizza pie in sky” serial sex harasser Herman Cain. 

How did this impossibly ill-informed Koch Brothers financed crazy old man get so far?

How did the press allow itself to be hoodwinked into believing that a guy who personally didn’t even give himself a chance become the pepperoni and anchovy Republican flavor of the month ?  

As Rachel Maddow hilariously tells us he is an art project..and one suspects that sooner or later it will be revealed that Steve Martin has been writing his act.. and he will be touring as an opener for BEYONCE. 

But seriously folks what does this tell us about the state of politics in this country.?

One thing it does tell us is that the Koch Brothers ..if indeed they were not paying Steve Martin to write and produce his act…may be smart business dudes.but they haven’t got one clue about playing the political game apart from throwing money at it.. This may work in the short run…but not after that. 

“The Brothers Right Wing Grimm” obviously put their money behind a complete dunderheaded buffoon….However the caveat to that of course is a previous eight years of a dunderheaded buffoon…but “Monkey Man” had the Rove/Bush /Cheney/Machiavellian machine giving him their love and their military industrial suppositories.    

But the GOP craziness continues as they flail around looking for somebody that’s not a Mormon.

The TEA PARTY is now gone into totally lock jawed hypocrisy as they turn to the ultimate big government insiders insider…the total anathema of what they say the stand for. Newt!!!

Newt…who’s had his fanny just caught in the shit that hit the Fanny Mae fan!

Newt… the “family values reject” who isn’t just running for President he’s running for cover from his other families! and his own lying statements.     

A theory might be that these dips are the MANCHURIAN CANDIDATES of the Bush dynasty and at the last moment Jeb will step forward in a nice shiny suit and save the day…that or Mighty Mouse!!  


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