“Hold the phone Newt..here come Ron Paul!”

Yes my friends its hard to believe but NEWT’s freshly rising star may just get kicked in its Fanny Mae!  This is due to the fact that on a second look NEWT’s extreme financial con game has surfaced and Newt looks like a self-made one precentor as well as the serial adulterer he already was…

So who’s next on the weekly GOP “falling in love list?” Its perennial also runner Ron Paul…a man with two first names, an ill-fitting suit and hair growing out of his ears.

Ron Paul a man who wants to cut government spending so much that Washington can move into a one bedroom apartment over a Chinese Laundry.

Ron Paul whose son Rand Paul wants to reinstate smoking in restaurants and schools and put women back in the kitchen where they can smoke but cannot have an abortion even if the boss of the kitchen they’re smoking in is their brother and rapes them.

Ron Paul …whose idea of 21st Century America is 19th Century America.

Ron Paul …a man who thinks the only thing worth regulating in the World is really not worth regulating.

Its obvious being the GOP front-runner is worse than the kiss of death or a Dennis Miller Comedy tour.

Newt is going down quicker than the X Factors ratings….faster than Monica in the Oval Office….

Newt is being endorsed as being corrupt by Jack Abramoff!!…JACK ABRAMOFF!!!

Being called corrupt by Jack is like Michelle Bachmann calling Sarah Palin delusional…

Its like Trump calling O’Reilly an ego maniac..

It’s like John Boehner calling Glenn Beck a cry baby…

It’s like John McCain calling Mitch McConnell a silly old out of touch fart…

So after Ron rises and falls who’s next who will be anybody but the flip flopping Mormon.?

Perhaps ..just perhaps they will finally get down to John  Huntsman ..just in time to find he’s another flip flopping Mormon who at least knows where China is and has his suits tailored ..even if it’s just in Utah and not Saville Row.

So as the candidates line up for another clown debate ..lets handicap the field.

Bachmann …No chance…Santorum …No chance..Cain….No chance …Newt …No chance…Perry..No chance…Ron Paul…No chance…Mitt Romney…No balls … John Huntsman…no chance unless the rest of the candidates are revealed as cross dressers.

The presidency next year may pit President Obama against “TBA.”

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