“Pepper Spraying Students & Grannies for Dummies!”

Terrorists weapons of mass destruction have been found in the equipment of American Police forces across the country. Pepper Spray and Mace are being sued to subjugate the filthy rapist grannies, the lice ridden college kids, the Communist socialist returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, the unwashed union bosses, the long-haired hippie nurses and the violent book reading intellectuals!!

Actually some of us are saying that “occupying” Pete King’s front lawn with “dangerous walker toting grannies” and those off duty rabble rousing unpatriotic Union firefighters would upset Pete so much he might call a SWAT team down on them and have them arrested for being un-American assh*les.

The Fox News blitzkrieg on the Occupy movement is so wrong-headed and not dealing with the issues as to make an already completely irrelevant fake news channel slip into dementia..It is slowly becoming so strident its making the ex-wives of Beverly Hills sound like they don’t ever have to go to the shrink again.

Fox News is become so shrill  that only GERMAN SHEPHERDS can hear what they’re  babbling about.

We’re off to an occupy rally in about 15 minutes…its in a ritzy neighbourhood in Ventura County CA. the only thing we’re likely to get sprayed with here is Chanel Number 5.

REPEATING ..How stupid can the authorities and these media fools be…shooting war veterans in the head and pepper spraying old ladies and students and seeing those graphic photos in your home is what happened when we who remember saw the beatings in the 60’s civil rights movements and the Vietnam war protests and the killing of students  at Kent State..thats what brings down governments…so Obama better get on this band wagon before it runs him ands the rest of the assholes in WASHINGTON over and leaves a new country without them.

Power to the people!!


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