“NASCAR crowd boos First Lady + returning Vets..WTF?”

Southern gentlemen were out in force today when the First Lady of the United States visited a NASCAR event to honor the troops returning from the wars and was soundly booed by a large red neck crowd.  

What does this prove? 

1.It proves NASCAR doesn’t care about offending any African-Americans because the only black people  there were the First Lady, some of the returning America servicemen and some secret service people… and maybe a few janitorial staff!

2.It proves that the REPUBLICAN DEBATE TV audiences are not alone in being totally unconscious unthinking ass wipes!

3. It proves the South never really got over losing the civil war and all those slaves.

4. It proves Beer is no excuse for being a redneck bigot…you don’t have to be piss-assed drunk to be that!

5. It proves perhaps those on the fence about being fans of NASCAR racing will now think twice about watching a bunch of jocks in souped up cars just going around and around in circles and occasionally crashing into each other and burning up after all its no Badminton game out there.

6.It proves how low this country has gotten when a bunch of ignorant assh*oles not only boo a gracious classy American woman who was there to honor the military heroes of these stupid f*cked up wars but they also booed the very people who give them the freedom to just do that. The freedom they would have anyway without Bush and the other redneck war mongerers sending them off to fight trumped-up wars.  

NASCAR should present the First lady of the United States and the wife of Vice President Biden with a full apology for these disgusting pigs…pigs who claim to be patriotic ..but are really idiotic… and for all the World to see.   


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