circular fire…………………..

So ..a while ago …all over the world-wide media world… we saw the word “FAILURE” connected with the supposed arrogantly titled “Super Committee’s” complete and abject unwillingness to find a way to a bi-partisan plan cutting the deficit.

It was doomed before it began.. Obama was well aware of the nit wits who were chosen to represent “FAILURE!”  Both the REPUBLICAN lock jawed Koch paid grifters and the lily livered weak knees DEMODOGS were doomed to “FAILURE”.. the President set the trap and it cut their balls off. Trying to pry higher taxes from the rich from these REPUBLICANS is like trying to pry a specific answer to any question from Le Roy or Willard.

The party of NO is slowly but surely digging itself a ditch big enough to put the entire bloated bigoted body of  the tower of racist blubber Rush Limbaugh in standing up!

Now …from a weakened 8% popularity polling of the American people…John Boehner… the Oil Can Harry of Politics …is  attempting to hold up the economy and the PRESIDENT with his desperate idiotic blackmailing plot to get the CANADIAN/US Oil Shale pipeline back on the non environmental but Oil company friendly books.  

So with the REPUBLICAN Congress at an all time low in popularity ..why might we ask are they still insistent on trying to also fight for further tax cuts for the rich..the most unpopular legislation since Prohibition.?

Do the Housewives of the say No Congress…say no …?

” Come in guys we’re gonna take youse on a trip around the world like you’ve never had before!”


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