police brutality……………..

President Obama ..whether you’re for or against the huge genuine uprising of the poor and the middle class you cannot be for the brutal way that certain sections of American law enforcement are reacting to peaceful non violent demonstrations.

It is time to speak of this.

It is time for the President of all the people to defend some of the people against the obviously politically induced overreach of the police people!

What ever is going on over there in the Oval office, as your team of “cautious centro-cats” tell you to be careful the people might ask … careful of coming down on the side of the massive amount of unrest?…GIVE US A BREAK!

Condemning the pepper spraying of students priests, nurses, old people, vets and union people is way beyond what you stand for…we know that…you know that ..Michelle knows that…There is a definite no brainer of a solution that even the “centro-cats” can’t argue with.

One simple sentence of condemnation from you would be enough.

Police will then be on notice that their Commander-in-Chief will kick their uniformed asses to hell and back if that kind of bullshit continues.

So Mr. Prez…the hardball is in your court..we await a straight talkin’ sentence about a humane and American approach to dealing with the growing tide of bitterness towards your Government, the Congress and mostly towards your inability to stem the 1%’s relentless attack on your people’s livelihoods, health and education.

The best way to handle this for you is to stay clean and stay real , we’re not asking you to march with us ..we’re not asking for you to camp out with us ..to take the physical and mental abuse for us heck no…we’ve got that covered…

You don’t even have to say you’re on our side…although that would help…all you have to do is tell the assh*les with the batons , the pepper spray , the mace and the bad attitudes to leave us the f*ck alone to be American’s like you.

Power to the people!!



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