FOXBLONDES follow up to the follow up…



A new report out recently shows that Fox News viewers” know less about the news than people who don’t watch news.”  (Google this if you think we’re full of sh*t)

We cannot put this amazing statistic down to blaming any single Fox News clone-clown individual but it does say a great deal about what Fox has done to the massive susceptible idiot audience out there.

Fox News has done the impossible it has turned idiots into bigger idiots.

So now we can report than as Hannity’s hair-line grows down to his eyebrows causing him to look more and more like Piltdown Man!

…As Bill O’Reilly loves the smell of pepper spray in the morning and continues to hide underaged Thai hookers in his Fox News locker.

…As Greta continues to want to share a secret one bedroom apartment with Sarah Palin…and as Brett Hume continues to pretend he’s actually reading real news while looking good in a suit…things are becoming fair and balanced from outside rather than in.  

The FOX NEWS viewers are just not paying attention to anything the news people are saying that isn’t telling them that Obama is a “perverted socialist anarchist Anti-Christ who was born into an Indonesian brothel in a union between a woman and a large rodent.”   

But the real culprits behind the complete “non-news audience” on a “non-news network” has to be our old favorite whipping girls..THE FOX NEWS BLONDES!!

***Sexist alert…for those not initiated in the art of satire!!!

Fox News’ red-blooded red necked red state idiot does NOT care what comes out of the Blonde’s mouths…

NEWS is definitely NOT what the average male “NASCAR loving,” “First Lady booing” petty bigoted heavily armed cretin wants.

He wants oiled legs..greased thighs and constantly moving leg action!

Syrian massacres cannot compete with a luscious lick of those gorgeous glossy lips…

Super committee meltdowns cannot compete with a toss of a come on looking coiffed blonde head…

Police brutality cannot compete with the sensual shuffling of news copy with those magnificent manicured red nails..

…And when the Blondes look langerously into the camera and say :”Stay tuned for more shocking revelations about naked socialism”.. the male FOX news viewer doesn’t go past the word “naked!”.. and will defintely stay tuned.       

With “Housewives of Atlanta”.. the viewership is made up of some women who like to see what plastic surgery can do when used in total excess… and of horny middle aged men who want to imagine boffing  housewives from the South.

…With Fox News the viewership is probably made up of women who are permanently chained to their kitchens and men who would like to see the Fox News Blonde’s permanently chained to walls  in their basements.

Fox News can now be exposed as turning an average non thinking moron into an even more non thinking  but sexually frustrated moron who giving air time to Alex Jones who took a course in using sentences that will eventually convict him and sentence him to a long term in Federal prison for being an instigator of  driving crazy people with guns to kill innocent people who don’t agree with them, 

But then again news is good news they say!     

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