“The all new Pepper Spray Veggie Pizza!”

Fox News’ MEGYN KELLY told her viewers recently that she didn’t know what all the fuss was about when pepper spray was just a “vegetable product.” 

In a real news organization this would meet instant dismissal or relegation to the North Dakota Fox station as a stand by weather girl.

At Fox News Meygn was given an award for finding one more way to take down the Occupy Movement and hit on the educated people who have never ever in their whole lives ever seen what goes on 24/7 at Fox non-news.

Added to this description of a painful and vicious weapon of student destruction was the news recently that so-called “nutritional experts” from the right side of the track were assuring the parents of America that Pizza was a vegetable because it contained “tomato paste.” 


Judging from the mentally backward ill-informed group of loony tunes that we see each week on the GOP clown debates..it ain’t that slow!! 

The CNN and FOX NEWS questioning of these losers is to ,say the least, pathetic..there are no issues the mediators DON’T tend to lobby soft balls at. Where are the hard assed questions to people like BACHMANN , Cain, Perry and Santorum all of whom should’ve been put away weeks ago..Where are the statistics that should be thrown at Gingrich..whom they keep calling “Speaker of the House”when  he should be called “Grifter of the House?” 

None of these people are worthy enough to lead the free world. They are a mediocre bunch of appeasers to the extremist to the Fascist wing of the now defunct Republican Party.

They are an affront to basic civility and the reality of today’s world. They are all weak spineless people or just plain ego tripping fools with no hope of beating the current President.

Turkey day came early on this TUESDAY NIGHT when Santorum … taking a leaf out of the Sarah Palin playbook…and called Africa a country!   Ill- informed man in an ill-fitting suit. ..and by the way who ever was doing the makeup on the candidates had over donated at the apple martini bank!! 

When Romney seems almost reasonable and the Beltway’s “previously insider’s insider old school con artist con artist and wife cheater” Newt Gingrich seems a plausible front-runner to the TEA PARTY family values people we can say that at least one side of the country’s political party has literally gone insane!

The GOP is heading for a smaller and smaller piece of the American pepper spray veggie pizza pie.


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