” Let’s hear it for Child Labor!”

As the holidays are upon us its time to turn our attention to ways to improve our future..Newt Gingrich has a great idea..lets bring back child labor! ..This is a family values idea! 

Newt’s brilliant idea to start with is we fire all the school janitors and put high school kids in their place essentially cleaning up their own mess. They can do this after school instead of homework..and although they won’t get half the education they should it doesn’t matter ‘caus they can all grow up to be building custodians.  

Good one Newt…Now can somebody give Newt his evening pill and send him home to Callista so she can blind him with her jewelry and that glassy stare that looks like they forgot to fix that part of her brain that says “human!”

Newt is a character out of Charles Dickens. He’s roly-polly, has rosy cheeks but he’s a dark and mean assed laggard that would ..if he were alive in those times….employ defenseless street urchins to work in his dangerous shoe factories chewing leather to make it soft for the shoes of the rich and Victorian. 

How far down have we come when a man can actually say that crap on any news show and not be completely laughed off the face of the earth?

But here we have Bill Old’ Reilly defending the use of pepper spray on non violent students…Megyn Kelly saying its “just a vegetable product”…and Fox News pundits listening to the pontificating of a con artist and a debunked disgraced politician who is also a serial adulterer making inane and impossibly ridiculous statements and getting away without being annihilated by tough reporters tearing the bejesus out of his rotting 19th century guts! ‘

Hey Newton..Ed Schultz awaits you….Rachel Maddow awaits you …Keith Olberman awaits you…Lawrence awaits you…but the American public ..the one’s with kids will only await your demise as a serious candidate.

Newt you’re not fit for public office anymore..remember they drummed you out of it last time..but you won’t get that far this time… You are a slimy fraud and your past cannot stand the scrutiny even before God forbid you got to stand on the same stage as the current President of the United States  where you would disintegrate into a messy pile of 19th century flotsam.  


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