“Thanks but with reservations!”

Sorry to turn a jaundiced eye on yesterday as a “special ” day …but we have not got a lot to be thankful for right now.

The social discourse in this country has been taken down to such a low-level by the Limbaugh’s and the Hannity’s and most of the entire main stream media that is just plain painful to see.

The Limbaugh non stop racism against the President’s family is so out of control and unchallenged in most media that I’ m sure that if I ever got close enough to this pig I would …as we say in Australia..”king hit” him. A “king hit” is when you don’t give the victim a chance to defend himself..but just clobber the bastard on his blind side. This probably would get me arrested ….but I would wear my number proudly.

The pictures of American police beating on the heads and pepper spraying the faces and  bodies of their fellow American peaceful demonstrators is not something to be thankful for or proud of.

The out of touch leadership of ego tripping scared shitless authority figures like Mayor Bloomberg defies the description.  The mayor of an enlightened highly educated and advanced city sends his police force into their encampment and tears down their tents and their medical facility and destroys their library and tosses 2,000 books into the garbage.  How does one equate that with what many of us think is a superior way of life here?

Bloomberg tried to save his sorry ass by trumping up a terrorist threat in NY and holding a bogus press conference to announce he’s taken out a terrorist whom the FBI knew about and declined to prosecute .The guy was a mental case .. a demented fool who could no more make a bomb that Dennis Miller can make people laugh. This subterfuge was so patently obvious that Bloomberg looked like a third-rate REALITY SHOW host trying to persuade people that everything  on “Jersey Shores” is completely spontaneous.

Even before this military style action and the disgusting overeaching UC Davis police pepper spraying incident  …those that talk of “American exceptionalism” were… and still are…  full of sh*t!!

Also you so-called “Christians” at the debates cheering death… booing gay soldiers on active duty serving YOUR country…applauding war mongering…get lost cretins….thanks but no thanks!!

 ….and as we  sat down to stuff face yesterday many of us were  eating the doses of tryptophan heavy turkey so we could quickly nod off afterwards so not to endure all those family members who still insist that the duly elected President of the American people (by a landslide)…is actually illegitimate because he’s a socialist Indonesian with Muslim tendencies.   

We have less to be thankful for than we think!

But at least Bernie Madoff is in jail..even though Abramoff and Dick Cheney are not.

And now shoppers are going berserk and throwing the GOP into a further panic as it may be killing the recessi0n they hoped would last until next freakin’ November!!!


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