“Is Homeland Security getting insecure?”

“It’s Okay American tax payers I’ve got you covered! ”

Naomi Wolf ,a full on leftie firebrand has been quoted in a lengthy article in the full on leftie Brit newspaper The Guardian as suggesting that the recent across the board attacks on the Occupy Movement were coordinated by the DHS ..and not only rigged up by the City mayors and the DHS but also with the acquiescence of the Obama administration.

None of her accusations so far have clear and indisputable facts connected to them…and until this part of her accusations are proven…Naomi remains in the same league… we hate to say…as Michelle Bachmann and the rest of the formless fact free GOP candidates from middle hell!

Michael Moore started this line of troubling comments… but his basic premise differed from Naomi’s. Moore’s thoughts turned mainly to the favorite CIA tactic of placing paid agitators and right-wing fanatics in the movement to discredit it.

Our prediction here at BEARDE’s EYE VIEW  would also be that Breitbart …the world’s greatest slime bucket and his dirty snivelling little sneaky pimps …are working on some major bogus plotline that might include proving that the entire Occupy Movement is a Communist Muslim Black Lesbian suicide bomber threat that’s spreading venereal disease into the public school system.

But after reading Naomi’s blistering conspiracy theory summation our take is: “could be plausible if proven.”

If not proven then it’s as crazy as some of the right wings stuff. We’ve listened intently to Naomi in the past and have agreed almost totally with her rants.  So the question is :”How far will the present establishment go to protect their current undemocratic control of American?”Well at least as far as having their police forces armed with state of the art “riot” weapons  used on peaceful “non rioting” populaces defending their right to free speech? Hey this has already happened folks!

Is this then the work of the “mega financed” with our tax dollars DHS or is it just a fluke that the crackdown came about all on the same day?…We ask you to do the math?

If it is then we’re paying some of our taxes for the destruction of our right to free speech and the dignity of non violent protest ..if this is so then this is sick…very sick and worrying for the continued existence of our free society.

Unsubstantiated theories aside …as the people rise up…it could appear that a new civil war is beginning to take shape in America. The spectacle of the America people being physically attacked by massive armed force and not fighting back might begin to make the non-fighters become angry enough to fight back..and this is probably what the establishment want.

The business power base needs an excuse to crush this really powerful resistance to the status quo of their colonisation of the middle class and the poor.

Soon …if these GUARDIAN rumors persist… the Occupy Movement will be looking to the White House for a clarification of where the PRESIDENT stands as far as democracy and the rights of all his people are concerned .

If Obama is condemning the violence against the people’s uprisings in the Middle East then surely he must turn inward and take a stand against this growing violence against his own people before it’s too late and some of his people start to get killed for their beliefs…

If this happens then the brutish side of this country, long under wraps because of our checks and balances, will be let out and all of us will be forced to take sides..and like you… we know some of our dearest friends do not have open minds and will come down on the side of the enemies of democracy without even a blink of an eye… and you know who those people are..

This could be an America tragedy of monumental proportions unless the President speaks out…for underestimating the power of this movement and its motives would be as serious a mistake as allowing Rupert Murdoch to become an American Citizen.

Power to the people!

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