“The main stream media as a WMD!”

To prove a point that the American main stream media is a “sissified train wreck of blind public appeasement” may we present the DECEMBER 5TH cover in the USA…. and the same date TIME MAGAZINE cover in Europe and Asia.


                                    EUROPE AND ASIA!

What are the American editors worried about with the soft pedaling  fluff cover compared with the reality they’re dishing up for the rest of the World…?

Do these editors think America is not ready to see the death and destruction that dictatorships around the world have brought upon their people.” We have not be subjected to the massive amount of American military coffins returning from our stupid ever lasting wars!!!..We , as a people, are not allowed to see the folly that The Bush war criminals brought upon us.

Do they not want to remind this country that it may be just a step away from this brutality itself?

Are they thinking they are protecting us from graphic depictions of bloodshed and murderous police brutality?…Are we their sissfied audience only wanting to know about “anxiety attacks” and not a coming Armeggedon?

Will that just sneak up on us while we’re worrying about those extra holiday pounds and if we made the right flat screen TV choice.?

It appears to be a continuation of the attempted dumbing down of the populace…but strange as it may seem the public just don’t seem to want to be dumbed down that much any more …they’re finding out about this stuff on the internet without the insipid and right leaning business oriented Time and Newsweek tomes. The mistakes of the politicians and the banks and the military leaders go viral and nothing can stop them ..No Fox propaganda crap…no CNN veiled right-wing slant….

Newsweek actually had Michelle Bachmann on its cover..yes she was staring out into the night like  a mad banshee in heat..but she made the cover….as did the other mad banshee and “turkey massacre queen” Sarah Palin… So it’s quite clear that these previously serious magazines are going after the MAD MAGAZINE demographic.

As the public here begin the slow process of finding out about the country they’ve let slip through their fingers they will take less and less notice of the stinking manure being spread on the landscape in the hope of stemming the unstoppable tide this awakening.

Its gonna get worse ’till it gets better…


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