It’s already happened in Europe as Greece and Italy have been turned over to big business surrogate POLITICAL parties to run as their economies  sabotaged and destroyed by the very people who are now in control. It’s being called the Euro-Corp coup.

There were riots in the streets of Greece. The people rose up but in the end they were powerless as the democratic government could not stand the deliberate sabotage of the banks and the Euro corps. In Italy Berlesconi was always in the pockets of the bankers …but he was also in the pants of 16-year-old hookers… so he had to go. He’s been replaced by the user-friendly business co-ops he served. Now it appears they have been able to take over most of Europe in a bloodless bank oriented coup.

In the Obama years the Republican-Corporation party does not even try to make any pretenses as to their ultimate goal , the overthrow of democracy and the installing of another complaint Bush style sock puppet as their mouthpiece in the White House while  controlling both “carnal houses” of political hypocricy..the Senate and the Congress.

Any normal human being with an average brain in their head can see this because “getting rid of the smart black guy with some scruples left” is the sworn and open duty of Mitch (Bella Lugosi) McConnell..Eric (Plastic Man) Cantor and John (of Orange) Boehner.

Getting rid of the black guy is code for getting rid of DEMOCRACY!!

Wrecking the economy in the name of deficit spending when this is the richest country in the world and can withstand all the buffering and attacks on its well-being …is the GOP plan for the next year .This is so America can join the Euro coup and become the cog in the wheel of the world domination of bankers and stock markets…Simplistic heh?..Well these are not the thoughts of a Newt style intellectual. These are just plain out in the open thoughts that cannot be disputed they are dumb assed facts!!

The world is seen as the plaything of the rich..the super store of the wealthy ..the luxury cruise of the 1%.

The battle for the American way of life as we have known it is joined and we the people are becoming the soldiers in the fight for the survival of the freedoms to be able to write sh*t like this!!!


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