“Family Values Party ?heh heh heh!”

Just in! Herman Cain has been dipping his wick for 13 illicit years with a woman whom he apparently kept in clean undies and trips around the World .

This has effectively killed his GOP “family values”credentials and they’re going away faster than a Rick Perry brain freeze.

Herman joins “The Not Ready for Prime Time Presidential Players” as they sink  under the weight of the hypocrisy of the most bogus group of losers since an entire season of Donald Trump’s “Apprentice”.

What must the Christian Right be thinking? ..What must the Tea Party be thinking?

Look what they’ve wound up with as their squeaky clean JESUS loving…God fearing….anti -big  government …leader of the downtrodden disrespected white people of America.

They’ve wound up with Sex fiends…Mormons and defrocked Washington insiders!

In a series of self elimination disasters the GOP suicide bomber hopefuls have gone from front runners to running for cover.

Well financed candidates that money CAN buy still can’t buy a ride to the top if when they open their mouths nothing but blathering crowd pleasing but unconscious gibberish comes out.

Rick Perry has Chuck Norris on his side but between them they have the main stream appeal of an evening of Dennis Miller comedy.

The arrogance of some of these GOP non starters is only compounded by their utter disregard for the intelligence of people. People that is outside of the blood lusting gay bashing, woman hating cretins that show up for the debates and draw Hitler mustaches on pictures of anyone who doesn’t agree with them on their desire to end education and the lives of old people.

The strange phenomenon here is that the very people sprouting the end of free health, social security and clean air probably  need it the most as they are mostly older sicker and less educated.

America as we used to know it is now just a vintage postcard.

The demented Tea Party …created by the rich to destroy the middle class and the poor… has made America into another laughing-stock around the World.

The GOP we helped gain control of Congress has made it so government can’t govern.

We thought that with Obama we’d turned the corner on the laughing-stock syndrome …but we turned the corner into a freakin’ Republican brick wall!

Okay Europe is also a laughing-stock right now…but they had 800 years of success…they deserve a break…we don’t.

The party of Family Values ..what a joke …in their desperation to rid themselves of the President  they’ll take anybody of they’re going to go for Newt or Mitt…

These are not worthy men for Christians, Jews,  Muslims, atheists, Buddhists of even Martians to have as their President.

The irony of this whole experiment in dementia is that the real “family values” guy and his family are already in the White House.

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